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About Me

Aloha! My name is Burak and I am a photographer based in Maui, Hawaii. Ever since I was a kid, the wonders of the ocean have always captivated me. In 2008, I started a business aqua-culturing coral and servicing marine aquariums in my hometown of Chicago. During my time spent growing coral, I was introduced to the world of scuba diving and immediately knew my life was about to change.


The ocean was calling me, and after a few big decisions, I found myself on the sandy shores of Maui. I started working as a dive master, fulfilling my dreams of ocean exploration, but I needed to find a way to share that beauty with all of you.

So as an ode to my younger self, who would run around pretending to be Steve Irwin, i decided to pick up a camera and capture as much as i possibly could.


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